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If you have a face to face communication challenge, I can help you with it.


I have spent 21 years training and coaching people in communication skills. My fascination with the field really started 35 years ago, during several years of secondary school teaching and training or secondary teachers. I traversed nine years in the wonderful world of public speaking via ITC (Toastmistress). Along the way I explored the great challenges of bringing up three kids including plumbing the murky depths and wonderful heights of parent-cooperative child care and school boards.


Mountain biker, tramper, foodie,yoga enthusiast and I am very interested in geomorphology. I love being with people, especially my husband and three kids and my very large extended family. I seem to have a fatal attraction for economists in the family, even the ones who don't plan to be economists. After living with me for a while, they seem to become economists anyway.